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ga Workouts that Promise and Deliver, April 20, 2004
Top 10 Amazon Reviewer: Rebecca Johnson SeasonedwithLove.com and
author of
"Moonbeam Moths"
(Issaquah, Washington)

BSTY #1 - Body Awareness Through Yoga

Throughout this workout, Jacquie teaches sensual and graceful yoga moves beyond upward or downward dog. Horizon, plank and warrior pose will all be familiar. Occasionally, you will hear a woman's voice giving you instructions like: "Feel your sexual core contract and release." You will also learn some essential: Breathing techniques, Pelvic Stretches, Inner-core strengtheners and Body-enhancement positions. What did I notice after exercising? A new level of energy, a tingling sensation all over my body and improved confidence. Poses: Warm Up, Standing Poses, Sexy Yoga Dance, Floor Work, Abs and Sexual Core and Final Relaxation.

BSTY #2 Makes You Feel Sexy

Jacquie Noelle has two partners in this workout who are equally fit and flexible. You start with basic neck stretches and make your way to forward stretches and then shoulder rolls, down dog, creative hip stretches, an amazingly creative upside down stretch, warrior, triangle pose, fun-sexy-hip swirls, isolated hip rolls, primitive dance-style forward rolls, challenging balancing poses, deep leg stretches, back exercises, table, sexy side stretches, creative stomach exercises, Pilates exercises, sitting forward bends, challenging knee stretches, creative series of pelvic exercises and a final relaxation segment that you will really deserve!
After this workout I noticed a higher level of body awareness.

BSTY #3 The Ultimate Yoga Aphrodisiac

After trying all three Better Sex Through Yoga DVDs, I must say these workouts will not only improve your physical form, they actually work on a much deeper level to provide enhanced sensation and awareness, not to mention an increase in sexual energy and desire.
The second time I tried this workout I noticed all sorts of new sensations in my body and soon after this workout I discovered that "yes" these exercises do work and there is something magical about the entire BSTY series. For starters, this workout will heat up your whole body as you move to sexy music and also try a few sexy hip movements and rather challenging balancing poses. Not only does this workout promote confidence, the exercises target hard to reach inner-core pelvic muscles. I loved the deep forward bends and the especially sexy mini-dance segments. While you will find many familiar yoga poses in this workout, the way in which they flow together is quite beautiful and inspiring.

Jacquie really adds creative flair to many of the poses. The Sun Salutation series teaches you to breathe and flow from pose to pose. I found that the plank to lower plank and back up to upward facing dog and then downward facing dog really helped to strengthen my upper body. The entire Sun Salutation section makes you feel invigorated and quite alive.
Jacquie Noelle is a true inspiration and when you see how fit and flexible she is, you will understand why you will want to keep doing these workouts and attain her level of fitness. Jacquie has a cute, sexy instruction style and gives these workouts pure personality appeal. I love the way she quickly fixes her hair after some poses and giggles now and then. Well, it looks like she finally does workout in a tiny outfit. Actually, the less you wear, the more you will enjoy this workout. You really do get quite the workout.

Additional Benefits of this Series:

-Tightens the stomach in amazing ways
-Lifts the Butt in a sexy way
-Improved confidence and posture
-Smaller clothes! Shopping becomes much more fun and you feel so sexy in anything you buy. I dropped two sizes so far and am wildly happy about that aspect alone.
-Weight Loss by the pound. Between Yoga and Walking, you will see the pounds dropping faster.

Special Features on each DVD: Introduction, Trailer, Out-takes and Bloopers, The Yoga Goddess Jacquie Noelle Bio.Additional Instruction on all DVDs: Jacquie Introduction, Yoga Poses and Words of Wisdom.

The bare wood floor and sheer drapes covering the window are the basics of the set. Then, you have some mats, plants and lots of candles. You sort of feel that you are in a dance studio and so there is a realistic feel to the entire workout and you feel like you are part of a yoga class. The music for these workouts is very sexy and encourages you to keep moving. An extended relaxation section on each DVD makes this workout a satisfying experience.

"The Better Sex Through Yoga Series" is an exciting set of three workouts designed to increase your body awareness all while seducing you into a new level of sexual fitness. There are a lot of yoga workouts out there, but nothing will make you feel as sexy as the "Better Sex Through Yoga" series.



Rachel in Chicago, IL

This is a great series of tapes. A friend of mine lent the beginner's one to me and when I first saw the box I thought it was going to be a corny "how-to" sex tape. But it's actually a great, real yoga routine that's different from anything you'll get in a gym. I bought the next two tapes and have been doing the routines on my own ever since. Before I saw the videos I didn't really believe that yoga could help my sex life, but boy was I wrong! I've been doing the routines for a few weeks
now and I feel so much more relaxed in bed, plus I can go all night without getting tired (multiple orgasms, anyone?). It's even helped for dates -- I feel confident and sexy because I know I'll knock the socks off the guy later that night, if he's lucky enough to have me bring him home! The Better Sex Through Yoga tapes should be required viewing for everyone doing the dating thing ... actually, for anyone having sex at all!

Challenging and Fun!
Reviewer: muzikfan212 from NY, NY United States

I have tried countless yoga videos and the problem with all of themis that they are not challenging enough and they barely touch on basic yoga poses. "Better Sex Through Yoga 3" is a refreshing change! At 50 minutes, it's a complete total body workout.

It's perfect for people (like me) who take yoga classes
and are familiar with the poses but need to perfect them.
I also feel like it pushes me on those days when I can't
make it to the gym. The instructor also reminds you to
breathe in and out in the poses throughout the video (which
I never remember to do!). However, the best part is the
focus on the loosening up the hips and groin, mixing yoga
with modern dance moves its so fun. Not stiff and stuffy
and the abs series is killer. The Better Sex part? I was
pretty suspicious, but when my boyfriend showed up later
that night I was like oh my god what a difference! HIGHLY

Finally, permission to feel sexy! May 27, 2003
Reviewer: caseymoulton from Brooklyn, NY United States
My wife and I have been doing yoga for years and our focus
has tended to be on the spiritual side. But the truth is we've
always found it to be a bit of a turn on. We figured that was
just a pleasant side effect to being physically and spiritually
invigorated. So when I saw the title Better Sex Through Yoga
I ordered it right away to surprise her with it. Was she surprised!
I was hoping it wasn't pornographic and it wasn't. It's actually
a great workout with a seasoned yoga teacher, who happens
to focus on the sexaul side of the things. She really makes you
feel good about it. The whole thing is very, well, stimulating.

It works!, April 7, 2003
Reviewer: Carmen DeLeon from Los Angeles, CA I got an
advanced copy of this video, and jumped here to order one
for a friend, but they are on back order... I wanted to get it
for her birthday!! Bummer!!

This workout is SOOO much fun. I felt so sexy and confident
after doing it. It's not your typical spiritual, environmental-music
type yoga routine at all. It was fun - a great workout - the music
is great, and most importantly - IT WORKS! My hips were
looser, my abs were more supportive and strong, and I was
breathing better and deeper into the "sexual inner-core" - which
is what they refer to your pelvic region as.... NO - I didn't drop
10 pounds in two days. BUT - I felt different. Better than after
doing my cardio workout tapes, or pilates tapes. I felt refreshed,
wide-eyed, flexible, and strong. I felt great in my dress that night.
It was so much fun to test out the results after doing the tape a
few times.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these tapes. ...