The reason we made the Better Sex Through Yoga series is simple. Because it works! The idea for Better Sex Through Yoga came about when we noticed better stamina, increased sensitivity and a firmer body after practicing postures found in this routine. Sharing our Yoga routine with friends, family and spouses only confirmed our belief farther. Regular practice with attention to our instruction will make you feel and look better both in and out of the bedroom.

For sure this series is anything but pretentious. These videos are about FUN! People looking for a strict or stuffy yoga class beware. These routines are not only effective, but they are a yoga blast. One could call our style of Yoga simply American or Modern Yoga because we fuse so many different styles of Yoga to achieve maximum results for the desired outcome. Which, in this case, is to improve ones sex life.

Different than most yoga, we are not bound to a particular guru or set philosophy. We donšt preach celibacy as a given goal to reach a higher plane of consciousness and then secretly sleep with our students a la Marlon Brando in 1968 cult movie Candy. We are not holier than thou or pretentious, nor do we have an agenda to push on anyone. We mostly try to keep it fun while providing some of the best yoga video instruction out there.

With over 20 years of combined Yoga experience we created the Better Sex Through Yoga routine for the home viewer. Understanding that most people don't have all day to pamper themselves we offer quick and productive exercises to remove the kinks and stresses for the working person.

We stress that Yoga is a gradual physical process that can also trim the pounds and make you look slimmer. Though we don't subscribe to the "no pain no gain" mentality, we invite you to challenge yourselves and get to know your bodies intimately. Listen to your body closely, let your body get accustomed to the poses and make it a gradual learning process. Be interested to watch and feel how your body transforms. But don't hurt yourself! Not being able to do one or even any of the postures does not mean you will not sexually benefit from these tapes. Yoga is not a competition and has a gradual learning process. One pose might seem very difficult and others might seem super easy. Either way if you're feeling tight from prolonged office chair sitting, bad posture and/or being stressed - athletic or not - these tapes will make you feel a world of difference in and out of the sack.

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